Slicer Accessory Kwik Lok Bag Closing Machine and Tagger

Convenient Reliability and Performance

Kwik Lok semiautomatic bag closing machine is a handy machine to help you with quick bag closing. It’s easy to use and adaptable to your packing needs.

The intelligent design eliminates motors and gears, making maintenance painless.

It has suction legs to stay on any flat and clean surface. The body of the bag closer is made from stainless steel.


Quick solutions for bag closing

Full Speed

Can close up to 30 bags per minute


Can stay separately or be mounted somewhere permanently

Different Models

Comes in three models to best meet your requirements

Quick and Efficient

Quick& safe& efficient bagging

Customizable features:

  • 1003 model A– using basic RJ closure
  • 1003 model P– using RLS and RLSP closures, with small paper label
  • 1003 model BP– using RLS and RLSP closures and features bands for date coding

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