MONO Depositor Accessories for Omega and Epsilon

Hard dough hopper– The Hard Mix Hopper is used where a traditional piping bag will not suffice or when mixes of a stiffer consistency are required. Works great with MONO Omega Confectionery Depositors,  Omega Plus with Wirecut.

Soft dough hopper– The Soft Mix Hopper has been specially designed to deposit a range of smooth mixes, including batter, sponge, muffin, choux and meringue and any other mix with a similarly smooth consistency. Works great with MONO Omega Confectionery Depositors, all three versions.

Wirecut finger frame– Designed for cutting dough from a hard dough hopper.

Plastic nozzles– The Plastic Nozzles are screwed into the Standard Template to deposit soft mixes with a perfect finish and are available in two formats – Round and Star.

Sheeting template– The Sheeting Template is perfect for laying down a single mix deposit onto a baking tray. The actual quantity of mix deposited can be pre-programmed to achieve the desired sheet thickness to create the ultimate Swiss rolls, Genoese sponges and roulades.

Biscuit template-The Biscuit Die Template is used in conjunction with the wide variety of Biscuit Dies, which are mounted on the ends of the template’s depositing nozzles.

Brass biscuit dies– There are over 35 different standard Biscuit Dies available, including an assortment of delicate floral shapes and abstract geometric patterns. Each die produces a perfectly shaped biscuit which looks absolutely mouth-watering when baked.

Staggered template– The Staggered Template has been designed to make depositing mixes like sponges into round cake tins as efficient as possible.

Standard template-One of the most widely used of all templates is the highly versatile Standard Template which, when used in conjunction with a comprehensive range of plastic or metal nozzles, can produce a large variety of product formats, including drops, strips and shells, along with cupcakes and multi-layered novelty products.

Multi-sheeting template– provides the perfect solution when several separate deposits are required across the baking tray. The standard range of Multi-Sheeting Templates offers 16 variations based on the number of outlets across the template.

Particulate Gears– The Particulate Gears have been designed to aid the depositing of suspended ingredients, including chocolate chips, fruit particles and small nuts.

Difference Shapes

With each accessory you can create different shape

Extended Production

You don't have to be stuck with the same products

Easy to Change

It only takes few seconds, but will make great difference

Easy to Clean

Maintenance is easy, thanks to smart design and quality materials

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