MONO Epsilon Confectionery Tabletop Depositors

Extend Product Range

Are u tight on space but would like to offer more? Say less! MONO Epsilon Tabletop Depositor will help you. Needs less than 1 m2.

Constructed from hygienic and food-safe stainless steel. Designed for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance.

This depositor can come in two versions, Epsilon 400 and Epsilon 450. The higher number indicates that the main difference is in size, capacity and tray size, which can fit.

If you think this compact version won’t meet your requirements, we recommend MONO Omega Confectionery Depositors.

MONO Equipment’s ground-breaking Epsilon Tabletop Confectionery Depositors are undoubtedly the smallest tabletop depositors available on the market today

Zero Space Requirements

Fits through standart door and then need less then 0,85 m2

Traveling Hopper

Epsilon Depositor doesnt have belts but the hopper is moving over the tray

Control Panel

Color, user-friendly touchscreen, can be setup into 13 languages and holds up 96 programs

Easy Feeding

Pour into hopper, close the lid and let the magic happens

Customizable features:

  • Comes in two different sizes, Epsilon 400 and Epsilon 450
  • Hopper can be changed for a bigger one for extended production
  • Can be ordered with matching stainless steel table

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