Artisan Mini Deck Oven MONO

Perfect Solution for Craft and Micro Bakeries

MONO delivers the same quality as Mono Modular Electric Deck Oven Harmony. Sturdy constructions with thick inner baking decks.

The oven has three separate stone decks of a size of 470 mm x 470 mm. The stone is thick, providing super heat retention. The heating is performed by four powerful heating elements. Optional steam throughs can be placed in the side to provide steam for a fine crusty finish when necessary. 

The door has silicone sealing for maximum heat and steam retention. Also, it is equipped with a robust door handle, ensuring the door is pulled tight every time, and you won’t lose even a degree!

The thorough construction is stainless steel, including the optional steam throughs, guaranteeing long working life and ease of cleaning.

All the essentials you need to bake the perfect loaf each time

In-door Damper

A simple and effective in-door damper allows the steam to be released from the oven when required

Magnetic Holder

The mini deck oven is equipped with a strong magnet to keep scoring knife safe and close

Strong Seal

The oven door always pulls tight as it is equipped with a strong seal for zero heat loss

Temperature Light

Once it reaches the desired temperature, the light switch turns off to let you know the oven is ready for baking

Fuel source: Electricity

Electrical: 1-phase 220 V

Steam: Yes

Baking surface: Stone hearth

Baking area: 3 baking stones, 0.22 m2 per stone, depending on model

Temperature range: Max 250°C (482°F)

Even baking: Yes

Air movement: Natural Convection

Control panel: Manual

Modularity: No

Loader: Oven peel or manual loader

Maintenance: Low maintenance and easy oven cleaning features

Safety: Temperature cool handle

Customizable features:

  • Optional steam- Steam Troughs or Pressurised Spray Gun
  • The MONO oven can be placed on a base with space for three trays. The tray runners can be made removable

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