Oliver 860/860L Bread and Roll Moulder

Easy Operation for Different Kinds of Dough

This moulder handles the most challenging dough with up to 15% protein flour, traditional artisan loaves of bread, and even gluten-free dough. The resulting products have superior oven jump and a seamless finish.

With its reliable construction, it won’t let you down for years. Made from steel, with a white coating. The dough rollers are made from non-stick material, and the overall design is heavy-duty.

The moulding process is very easy and designed as a “one-person” operation. Throw previously divided dough into the moulder, which goes through belts. In the end, you will get a precise loaf of bread. The moulding itself is very gentle, and the dough is not teared up.

As the name suggests, you can produce rolls and baguettes as well. Also, the moulder can handle the dough with ingredients like raisins and seeds.

Moulder designed for high protein flour and long fermentation doughs for artisan loaves

High Production

This moulder can produce up to 3600 pieces per hour

Precise Control

By using Master Series Control Panel and variable speed

Adaptable Width

Pressure plates can be width anywhere between 3.5 inches to 20 inches

All of a Kind

Challach, pretzel, french bread and baguette, you can do anything

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