Oliver Front Load Duo-Slicer 758

Timesaving Slicer with Two Thickness Variability

Sturdy slicer from Oliver, with the possibility of two different slice thicknesses. It’s also possible to slice two loaves at the same time.

The thorough construction is stainless steel. With its sturdy and compact design, it’s very easy to use.

It’s equipped with wheels, and under the slicer are two shelves for storing.

The control is done with two buttons on the front. Over the button is mounted a bagging station.

The slicing is made half automatically and half manually. For slicing is used one of the buttons on the front and to get the bread out of the slicer is necessary to use the side lever.

Save yourself time and slice two loaves at the same time


This slicer allows you to chioise from two size thickness option


This slicer can slice two loaves at the same time, which double your productivity

Blade Replacement

Replacing the blades take less than a hour

Storing Shelves

Under the slicer are two shelves for easy storing

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