Oliver Front Load Mini Slicer 709

Simplicity Packed in Tabletop Size

Smallest slicer from Oliver. Tabletop size which can fit anywhere!

Through stainless steel construction, including stainless steel blades. The biggest advantage of this slicer is the easy maintenance. The change of the slicing blades takes just one hour.

This slicer is very easy to use as it has two simple buttons on the front.

On the top of the slicer is mounted a bagging station.

This machine can slice up to 50 loaves a day.

Efficient, tabletop slicer for the the most crowded places

Cutting Blades

Blades are very easy to change, it take not even one hour

Slicer Operation

This slicer is designed to run smooth and quiet

Easy to Control

Slicer is equipped just with two buttons for easy operation

Front Side

The loading and bagging is on the front side

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