Oliver Slicer Model 777-N

Reliability and Sturdiness for Lifetime

Slicer from Oliver. Without any trouble, is able to deal with any bread, ensures great performance, and is user-friendly at the same time.

The thorough construction has a white powder paint finish with an anticorrosive finish to protect the slicer from rust and corrosion. With its sturdy and compact design, it’s very easy to use. It’s equipped with wheels. The parts which come in touch with food are made from stainless steel.

Thanks to its size, it will fit even into the tiniest spaces and still provide great performance.

The biggest advantage of this slicer is the easy maintenance. The change of the slicing blades takes less than an hour.

On the side of the slicer is a bagging station. This slicer can handle up to 150 loaves a day.

Easy to maintain, low-cost to change the blades and rust resistant


This slicer has one size thicnkess, so each slice will be identical to the previous one

Hold Bread

The slicer will hold the bread together while slicing for easy following manipulation

Crumb Collector

Easily slice for a day without any mess because the slicer has a drawer for collecting crumb


The compact, sturdy design is easy to use

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