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Panem Roll-in Retarder and Proofer

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Roll-in retarder proofer cabinet from Panem is the perfect solution for bakeries and pastry shops looking to optimize their dough-proofing process. Designed specifically for fresh dough, this cabinet provides an ideal environment for the dough to rise slowly and evenly, resulting in delicious and perfectly textured baked goods every time.

The retarder proofer cabinet is built with a sturdy stainless steel exterior, and pre-enamelled outside constructions reduce the risk of corrosion. Features high-quality insulation to ensure consistent temperatures and energy efficiency. Legs have protective rubber protection and are adjustable.

A user-friendly digital control panel that allows you to easily set and adjust the temperature and humidity levels to suit your specific needs.

Thanks to its advanced refrigeration system, it can quickly cool down the dough to the desired temperature, allowing for flexible scheduling and increased productivity. Air sheeting technology that ensures no direct airflow contact with the product for best results.

In addition, this retarder proofer is designed with hygiene in mind, featuring easy-to-clean surfaces and a smooth interior that prevents bacteria buildup.


Benefits from Panem’s years of expertise and know-how

Tropicalized Condensing Unit

Can be used all year long, and outside temperature is not limited anymore

Preventing Corrosion Risk

Inside stainless steel construction ensures the proofer won’t be attacked by corrosion

Cold Stop

Option of stoping the proofing, cooling down, and later starting proofing again

Full Humidity Control

The humidity control is controlled by a mechanical hygrostat

Type: Roll-in retarder proofer, cabinet retarder proofer, bakery retarder proofer

Electrical: 3-phase 220 V (compatible with 208 V)

Proofing temperature range: 40°C (104°F)

Humidity range: 99%

Cooling temperature range: -5°C (23°F)

Capacity: Depending on model

Control panel: Electromechanical or touchscreen LUXE version

Shipping weight: Depending on model

Maintenance: Low maintenance, designed for easy cleaning

Customizable features:

  • Option to have non-slipping grid resin floor
  • Comes in LUXE version: allows temperature & humidity control, data monitoring and 2-stage heating for energy saving and better precision of temperature regulation. Luxe version has electronic hygrostat
  • Window per door, double doors, outside stainless steel
  • Two chamber version- you can control each chamber separately

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