Sandore BS4 Depositor

Cookies like no other

Another cookie depositor from the Sandore family. BS4 depositor is a wire-cut machine that allows you to produce cookies from stiff, viscous dough. But if you are focusing on production from a soft dough, BS4 is here for it, too.

This depositor is highly customizable and, based on your configuration, can produce up to 14000 pieces per hour. You can choose from four or two rows. No matter your configurations, the BS4 is easily suitable for filled and simple cookie production.

Cookies are directly deposited on baking trays of two sizes, 40×60 cm or 40x80cm.

The thorough construction is from high-quality stainless steel, which ensures years of smooth production. The belts and nozzles are made from food-safe plastic.

The setting is done with a colourful touchscreen on the side. You can set the amount of filling, cutting speed, size, shape and length. The control panel has a function for saving recipes.

Great addition for medium-sized cookies production

All of the Kinds

Shortbread, stuffed cookies, rolled and twisted cookies and two-color biscuits. All this is possible

Hourly Production

Can reach up to 14000 pieces per hour

Straight on Trays

The cookies are deposited directly to trays

Build to Last

This Sandore depositor is made from the most durable stainless steel and will last for lifetime

Customizable features:

  • The depositor can come with a bunch of different accessories to widen the cookie possibilities and meet all your requirements: wire guillotine, flat roller, roller with straight, oblique lines or rhomboid design.

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