Sandore New Magic Depositor

The artisan production philosophy

A medium-sized depositor from Sandore can bring some magic to your business! New Magic is an excellent option for bakeries looking for a way to grow as well as industry production!

Throught stainless steel construction ensures a long working life and easy maintenance. The machine is equipped with castors for easy manipulation and safety brakes.

The setting is done on the side color touchscreen. You can set the amount of filling, cutting speed, size, shape and length. Naturally, the control panel has a function for saving recipes.

New Magic is designed to be part of an automatic line, which one employee can control.

Highly Customizable

Choose from a variety of Sandore manufactured Acessories to cut, extrude, decorate & more

Easy to Change lines

Tanks are easy to disassemble to chang configurations and clean.

Add filling

Automate adding different fillings inside your product

High Performance Stainless Steel

Durable, easy to clean, and food-safe quality

Customizable features:

  • mechanical knife – cutting diaphragm model CTM6
  • pneumatic knife – cutting diaphragm model CT6
  • guillotine cutting device for cutting product with open, closed, knurled ends/wire cut
  • decorating device on top of the product by smooth roller, striped right inclined or rhomboidal model RL225
  • hot stamping device top of product model STCM
  • injector unit second filling for filled bicolor product model RP3
  • rotative extrusion head for product type roller and twist model TSR2
  • wire cutting unit model CTF6

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