Somerset Heavy Duty Dough Rounder SDR 400

Much of Muchness Dough Balls

The SDR-400 Dough Rounder by SOMERSET is a reliable and efficient machine that saves time and improves the dough preparation process. This high-quality dough rounder is designed to handle a wide range of dough types. Producing airtight balls, each one of the same size and weight.

This machine features a sturdy and durable construction made of stainless steel, ensuring longevity and easy cleaning. The SDR-400 has a powerful motor and precision roller system, allowing it to consistently produce perfectly rounded dough balls. The rollers are coated with food-grade material, which ensures the dough doesn’t stick to the machine and maintains the quality and texture of the dough.

The dough rounder is equipped with a user-friendly control panel.

ETL electrical certifiedNSF Certification logo

Dough ball made the easiest way possible

Wide Variation of Products

Dough balls are ideal for pizza, bread, tortilla and way more

Continuous Flow

Tireless unit, dough balls produce can be neverending

Simple to Use

Needs just one person to operate the machine


Produce dough balls of the same size & weight

Electrical: 3-phase 220 V

Shipping Weight: 142 kg (313 lb)- 136 kg (300 lb)

Weight Range: 0.05 kg- 1 kg, depending on model

Programs:  No

Production Range: Up to 7200 per hour

Maintenance: Designed for easy cleaning

Safety: Emergency button, safety shut-off sensor

Customizable features:

  • can be equipped with a stand with castors
  • Comes in two options- SDR-400 without table, SDR-400T with table
  • Can be filled manually or automatically
  • Adaptable to the conveyor for full operation

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