STM Touch Water Chiller

Powerful Cooling Power to Meet Your Specific Needs 

Keep the water temperature at 2°C throughout all day. Even high outside temperature is not an obstacle. These STM chillers come sized to the specific needs of your production.

All chillers from STM are equipped with a touchscreen for intuitive and precise control of every phase of the process. Thanks to the STM cloud connection, you can control the chiller remotely. Includes auto shut-off program to avoid energy waste.

Desired water temperature is ensured throughout the process, and the heat exchanger prevents mixing hot and cold water.

Stainless steel construction guarantees maximum reliability. The components are designed for longevity and meet the highest hygiene standards.

Excellent water-cooling quality unit with the highest hygiene standards


We size and adapt our offers to the specific needs and working conditions of each customer to ensure the best performances

Durability and Hygiene

The main components are in stainless steel (plate heat exchanger, pump) to guarantee maximum reliability

Energy Saving

The auto switch-on and -off the program, together with the efficient cooling system, avoid unnecessary energy waste in thermostatic periods

Automatic Hygiene

Total hygiene in the process and longevity of the components are ensured thanks to the guided system of sanitation that preserves the hydraulic circuit from limestone and bacteria

Electrical: 3-phase 208 V (compatible with 220 V)+ neutral

Total Power: 26-260 A, depending on model

Tank Size: 50 – 300L, depending on the model

Production: 145L/h- 2350L/h, depending on model

Cooling Power: 2.8 kW- 38.8 kW, depending on model

Temperature Range: Cooling down to 2°C (35.6°F)

Max Inlet Temperature: 18°C (77°F)

Safety: Double pressure switch and relief valve, emergency button

Maintenance: Easy on maintenance

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