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STM Water Meter DOMIX 125

Great Manager for Large Dosing & High Flow Production

Excellent choice for automating the process of dosing large amounts of water. With oversized hydraulics and an easy interface, a perfect choice for large production places. DOMIX 125 allows the dosing of large quantities of water with incredible accuracy.

Simple and intuitive control interface, with two digital displays showing the quantity and temperature of dosing water.  The water meter has an input for possible START/ STOP remote control.

Domix 125

The 125 series offers high flows and a simple and intuitive interface

Perfect Integration with STM Systems

Remote pump command included

Thermostatic Mixing

With 1″ mixing unit

Excellent Precision

The maximum tolerance is ±1%

Remote Control

Inputs for remote START/ STOP

Electrical: 1-phase 115V

Total Power: 25 VA

Temperature Range: 2/65°C (36/149°F)

Mixing Precision: ±1°C (±33.8°F)

Dosing Precision: ±1%

Max Inlet Temperature: 65°C (149°F)

Max Dose: 99 lb+ 15 oz

Inlet Pressure: 1- 5bar at 72.5psi

Flow Rate: 50l/min (110lb/min)

Saved Programs: 1

Bypass Outlet: Same as a dosage outlet

Chiller Compatibility: Optional with the 3-way kit, more info below

Maintenance: Easy on maintenance, all components are easily replaceable, has a self-diagnosing program

Safety: Food-grade plastic with stainless steel terminals included

Customizable features:

Optional 3-Way Kit for input line coming from a Water Chiller


Still trying to figure out what water meter is the right for you? Watch the video below for help.

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