Tekno Stamap Automatic Croissant Machine Croymat

Quality Crossaints at Scale

Croymat is an exceptional help for all big croissant productions. Thanks to the knowledge of Tekno Stamap, this machine will suit the needs of every customer, as Croymat is highly customizable.

The Croymat machine can come in three different models, the 3000- 6000 and the 10000, with the highest production possible. The lower range is capable of 7000 pieces per hour, and the 10000 is able to produce up to 12000 pieces per hour.

Croymat 3000-6000 is equipped with different speed conveyor belts, wrapping belts and dough calibrators. As the Croymat 10000 is more advanced, the dough calibrator is supplied with an ultrasonic sensor, and the machine has two croissant moulders.

The majority of construction is made from stainless steel. The rest, like belts, are made from non-stick, food-safe materials. 

Cleaning the Croymat is very easy and quick. Both the belt and rollers are replaceable in a matter of seconds, not requiring any tools.

Croymat 3000-6000 is operated by buttons, and the 10000 is equipped with a touchscreen, which also allows to save programs.

Croymat allows customization like no other

Wide Range of Croissants

Thanks to the possibilty of extensive customization, the Croymat is able to produce croissants from 25 to 150 grams

Easy to Take Care of

The belts and rollers can be easily removed and cleaned

Cutting Device

Is made from non-sticky stainless steel and is customizable to each need

High Production

The Croymat 1000 can produce up to 12000 pieces per hour

Customizable features:

  • Croymat can come in two versions Croymat 3000-6000 or Croymat 10000

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