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Tekno Stamap Diving Arm Mixer

Gentle Kneading & Flavourful Dough

The result of continuous research on how to reach the best dough is here. Tekno Stamap, diving arm mixer, created for high-hydration, airy dough. Great base for ciabatta, baguette, croissants and more.

The diving arm mixer imitates kneading by hand. This leads to excellent gluten development and a flavourful taste of the final product.

The diving arm mixer delivers outstanding products by not heating the dough during kneading. The arms gently mix all the ingredients together, incorporating a high amount of oxygen.

The arms of this diving arm mixer are made from aluminum, the rest is made from stainless steel, including the bowl. All the mechanical parts and gears are cast iron and run in oil, guaranteeing long life and quietness.

This mixer has a plastic protecting lid to prevent flour dust from getting into the air.

Height Adjustment

You can adjust the height of the diving are based on the type of dough you are mixing

No Dough Heating

Thanks to two gentle, mixing arms, the dough is not heating up during the kneading

Great Flexibility & Customization

Setting based on your individual needs

Safety Features

Protective lid & safety guard & the arms always up

Type: Diving arm mixer, double arm mixer, dough mixer, bakery mixer, pastry mixer

Electrical: 3-phase+ Ground and neutral 230 V (compatible with 220V and 208V)

Bowl capacity: 30kg (66lb)- 120kg (264lb)

Bowl type: Fixed bowl

Shipping weight: 400kg (882lb)- 994kg (2191lb)

Maintenance: Easy to clean

Safety: Safety guard, emergency stop and safety grid, the arms always stop in the raised position, protective plastic lid

Customizable features:

  • Version with variable speed
  • Touchscreen control panel

Weekdays: 8:30 – 5:00 PST

Weekends: Closed

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