Trima Factory Bun Production System – CombiLine (4-8 lines)

Factory Line Bun Production System

The TRIMA CombiLine is designed to automatically receive dough from a TRIMA Automatic Bun Divider Rounder: KE / PRIMA EVO, then proof and mold/sheet/stamp your product. The systems are modular and can be configured to suit any requirement.

Designed for quick and easy operation. Hourly output between 4,000 to 7,000 pieces+ (depending on the # of rows you have chosen to run).

Various types of products can run through the same system.

The CombiLine is a modular, fully automatic bread roll line operated by a touch screen and carefully engineered to work with all types of dough (wheat, mixed grain, rye, etc.). It produces high-quality products: round, stamped, oval, long-rolled, flattened, cut and seeded, etc. Produce Kaiser rolls, finger rolls, hot dogs, hamburger buns, and dinner rolls (with or without seeding), all in the same line.

You decide what to include depending on your available space, product requirements, and budget. The production line can be easily expanded in case your future requirements change.

Tailor-made systems for small baked items.  Modular construction that can be configured to suit your requirements

Simple to Use

Max production with one operator is 7,200 pieces per hour

Lots of Automation Capabilities

Built in flexibility to run multiple different products on the same equipment

Designed for Quick & Hygenic Cleaning

Stainless steel manufacturing and thoughtful design to enable simple and hygienic cleaning. Automatic cleansing of proofing baskets

Synchronize your Production

Design and automate your production line from start to finish

Maximum capacity: 4 lines– 4800 pieces per hour, 5 lines– 6000 pieces per hour, 6 lines– 7200 pieces per hour, or 8 lines

Safety: Emergency button

Maintenance: Easy on maintenance

Control panels: Yes, touchscreen

Programs: Yes, can save programs

Customizable features:

  • Wheels to move the entire system
  • Cross conveyance for feeding an external machine (ex: convoluted goods or pretzels)

Different Modules to Add / Choose Between

CombiLine with labels

Divider Rounder

See PRIMA EVO details

Pre-Rolling Unit

  • Used for the production of oval dough pieces

Pre-Proofer Unit

  • Stainless steel swings with cotton fabric
  • Auto disinfecting with UV light
  • Optional: adjust temperature and humidity
  • Available in different sizes for varying resting time
  • A bypass can be added to enable rounded pieces to go straight to panning

Stamping Unit

  • Can be equipped with many different stamping tools
  • Easily interchangeable
  • 1 rotating tool, 1 pressing tool

Forming Unit

  • Height adjustable pressure board
  • For long-rolled or flatted products (mini baguettes, hot dogs, hamburger)

Seeding Unit

  • First nozzle spray dough with water, then sprinkle with seeds
  • Containers for different types of seeds
  • Adjust how much seed added
  • Excess seeds collected and can be reused
  • Optional: dual sized seeding device

Panning Unit

  • Fully automatic depositing onto baking or proofing trays
  • Available in different lengths


Troubleshooting? Want to learn more?

See part of this line for mess-free seed application, TRIMA Seed station.

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