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Bassanina Steam Pipes Deck Oven: TUBIX

The Artisinal Powerhouse

This oven is designed to be the long-term backbone of exceptional artisanal product production. Built and assembled at your location, this large deck oven will give you high levels of production and exceptional control over your bake, uncompromised by its greater size. This oven offers versatility and heat flexibility, enabling rapid temperature adjustment and allowing you to bake your best of different types of products (bread, cakes, pizza…)

The oven comes with four overlapping baking chambers, each with independent high-yield steam control, lighting, and a baking deck made of high-performance food-safe cement. First and foremost is its low-cost and extremely powerful heating system: a dense network of closed-circuit pipes in which steam circulates. This oven guarantees constant, optimal heat distribution and extraordinary temperature stability even while loading and unloading your product. The result is a world-class deep bake, with strong oven spring, strong crust development and a longer shelf-life.

Each deck is designed to work with a custom conveyer belt loader, giving you the choice to quickly load and unload baked goods with different models of loaders available. The tempered crystal glass and steel doors on each deck are balanced for fast opening and closing. They can easily be removed for cleaning.

The ultimate long-term low operating cost deck oven. The on-site assembly includes pouring a concrete and masonry base and pouring concrete walls that cover the steam pipes. This provides the ultimate level of insulation and radiating heat capacity to deliver long-lasting, stable high heat, with minimal thermal loss and utility wastage.

Oven build is customizable to your production space. Different sizes and models are available ranging from 3-4 decks, with 2-4 doors per deck and 3 different depths. Custom configurations also available with side steamers and larger doors.

The standard burner in this oven can be designed to accommodate diesel, propane, or natural gas.

OPTIONAL: Add a wood furnace to burn a variety of wood products, or add a pellet burner and tank/auger system

Bassanina Steam Pipes Deck Oven: Tubix

The ultimate in artisinal quality, low-cost operation and maintenance, and high production

Steam Pipe Heating

An absolutely uniform amount of heat in every part of the baking chamber, at a low cost to operate

Aboslute Control over Steam

Create your best bake: bread that is more developed, shinier, and keeps its look and aroma longer

Continuous Baking

Oven is designed, built and tested to perform continuous uninterrupted baking cycles 24 hours a day

Designed to Last

Stainless steel throughout, steam pipes without welding and individually inspected. Poured concrete and masonary base and walls

Included Features

  • A digital thermoregulator, timers for steam, on/off switches and an emergency stop
  • Electromechanical controls or with digital panel
  • Loading doors are made of thick temperate glass, easily removable for cleaning
  • Up to 4 backing chambers depending on the size and model
  • Independent steam generators for any chamber. Can produce steam in fast successive loads during a short baking time
  • Needing a lot of steam presents no problem at all
  • Silent, no moving parts: the oven is a static machine, one of the quietest ovens available
  • All technical parts in the front: easy access for maintenance. No need for clearance beside or behind the oven
  • Can be equipped with a stove alongside to burn specialty woods or pellets
  • Automatic device for draft adjustment
  • 3 phase power. 220V 60hz (single phase in 220V optional)

The Perfect Steam at Your Fingertips

This oven allows you to control steam independently for each baking chamber. In baking, a large quantity of instant steam is needed to optimize the baking of the crust, which gives it a shiny crust, avoiding any dehydration problems and the formation of bubbles. Steam is what maintains the dough’s skin elasticity, allowing the bread to rise without tears, and causing the coagulation of the starch at the surface of the bread, resulting in a shinier look and a longer shelf-life.

The steam system in this oven is designed with extreme efficiency and efficacy, creating instantaneous steam in large quantities, and evenly distributed in each baking chamber. In fact, even if you need to bake fast successive loads of products requiring a short baking time and needing a lot of steam, this will not present a problem for the steam system in this oven.

When steam is instantaneous and available in large quantities any time, you can create bread that is more developed, shinier, and keeps its look and aroma longer.


Why are Steam Pipes the Perfect Solution?

The Steam pipes are the real heart of this oven: the thermal “engine” that carries the heat to the products being baked. They are what create powerful and uniform heating throughout the oven at a low cost.

The steam pipes create a dense network of closed-circuit tubes in which steam circulates, wrapping around the baking chambers and radiating heat. The roof and the ceiling of each baking chamber are also heated by transversal pipes. Each tube constitutes a completely independent circuit and also contains demineralized water that can become steam during the heating process. The tubes diffuse an absolutely uniform amount of heat in every part of the baking chamber.

Created with absolutely brilliant engineering and know-how, the steam pipes dimension and diameter, their distance between each other, the volume of water they carry, are all based on decades of experience and know-how. Each steam pipe is made of high endurance steel, cold-drawn, without welding, and they have a diameter of 28 mm and a thickness of 4 mm. They are certified and tested individually.


Protection and safety devices

This oven has a safety thermostat in order to avoid the temperature inside going over the calibration value (300°C). If the oven reaches the calibration value, the thermostat automatically disconnects the burner. The oven also has a large red emergency push button front and center on the control panel. When pushed, it stops all the functions of the oven immediately. There is also a steam exhaust fan installed over the exhaustion hood that can be manually started by staff before every unloading of your product.


Bassanina Steam Pipes Deck Oven tubix internal


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