Turbofan Gas Convection Oven 30D Series

Natural Gas & Amazing Quality

The only gas-powered convection oven in EM’s catalogue. Superior design, reduced footprints and exceptional features.

Durable construction from stainless steel guarantees reliability during years of use. The inner chamber is enamelled porcelain, distributes the heat evenly and is easy to clean. It is equipped with halogen light.

A Safe-touch glass door can be mounted on either side of the oven. The door has ultimate sealing, ensuring no heat loss.

The control panel is combined electromechanical and digital. Electromechanical control has separate large digital displays and adjusting knobs for time and temperature. The control panel allows you to set up up to 20 programs that can be accessed remotely.

Turbofan gas convection oven has an ultimate steam system. You can manually add steam and increase the humidity inside the chamber to increase the effectiveness of baking. Programmable steam dosing can be set for specific goods. There are FIVE different moist levels and a manual injection feature for the best results.

Another outstanding feature is the fan. The fan is bi-directional and changes the air direction, which leads to more balanced air and enhances the evenness of cooking.

ETL electrical certified

Incredibly versatile and entirely dependable gas convection oven

Control Panel

Large, easy-to-read numbers & ability to save 20 programs & a combination of electromechanical and digital system

Precise Humidity

Five different moisture levels plus a manual dosing feature

Superb Fan System

A strong fan system increases the volume and distribution of the heat within the chamber

Easy to Clean

The porcelain chamber and removable glass panel and door seal allow you to reach any dirt

Fuel source: Gas

Electrical: 1-phase 115 V

Shipping weight: 148 kg (325 lb)- 272 kg (621 lb)

Capacity: 5 trays

Steam: Yes

Temperature range: Max 260°C (500°F)

Even baking: Yes

Modularity: Yes

Air movement: Forced convection

Control panel: Combination of electromechanical and digital

Maintenance: Low maintenance, easy to clean, glass panel and door seals are removable for cleaning

Safety: Safety control panel, flame failure safety control, over temperature safety shut down, safe touch door

Customizable features:

  • Can be ordered with a stand or two stacked ovens
  • Core Probe Kit

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