Voulez-vous une baguette

Tired of a never-ending struggle with high-hydration dough? Do your baguettes always turn flat and heavy?

You can't even count how many times the dough has gone wrong? But still hoping to bake the most airy, fluffy and light baguettes in the city? Well, don't look any further, we have THE solution.

Baguette moulder!

What is a baguette moulder, you are asking? The answer is short: dough-saver!

Describe the perfect baguette

When it comes to food, is there something more iconic to France then baguettes?

Known for their incomparable flavour and perfect golden-brown colour! French baguettes are also known for their uniformity in size. Each one is shaped into exact length, weight and shape, resulting into not just visually appeal but also baking uniformity.

The secret behind this iconic bread is the high-hydration dough. But every baker know how important is to handle the presence of bubble in dough for the characteristic chewy/crispy at-the-same-time result.

Just the right amount of pressure needs to be applied to its delicate structure, make sure the bubbles stay intact. Little bit more, and puff, the yumminess is gone.

Baguette line

And how to make sure that your baguettes are exactly like this?

Baguette moulder, is piece of equipment, critical one, when it some to noble baguette crafting art. They excel in this regard!

Precision and control are critical when it comes to baguettes!

No other equipment, can handle the dough with such as delicacy as baguette moulder. Not only they guarantee to preserve the dough delicate airy structure, but also significantly streamline the baguette-making process.

These machines ensure the dough consistency in size and shape, and what's more then consistency when we speak about high-quality baguettes, are we right?

Excellent baguette moulder
Baguette line
Baguette line
I want baguette

Keeping Up With The Baguettes!

Baguettes in bag

If you are conviced, that owning baguette moulder will be absolute gamechanger, leave us details below and we will be shortly in touch ↓

First, RENT, then TRY and lastly BUY!

SilverChef Rent-Try-Buy

Wouldn't it be nice if you could try the moulder first, become fond of it and then buy it? Here's the way to do it.

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