Bake Off Italiana Rotorbake E2/T2 10 trays

The Golden Ratio of Hydration

The Bake-Off Italiana Rotorbake is a rotating convection oven with exceptional air distribution and ventilation. Accurate rotating ensures that even the finest pastry keeps its structure and texture.

Stainless steel construction with a double glass door ensures years of trouble-free use. In addition, outstanding thermal insulation provides zero heat waste.

The oven has manual steam injection, an automatic chimney opening and a five-speed fan.  Excellent control over dryness and steam. The steam is added manually, which lets you control it fully.

The advanced touchscreen panel allows you to set oven preheating and preset and save programs. Also, it provides error reports and automatic detection.

With all these features, this convection oven gives you complete control over the baking process.

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Self-diagnosis Feature

With all these features, this convection oven gives you complete control over the baking process.

Automatic Control

The balance between dry, and steam inside the oven is continuously controlled and steam can be easily added manually

Delayed Start

Program the beginning of baking for everyday

BakeDRY Feature

The oven automatically opens the chimney when it detects high dryness during the baking process

Fuel source: Electrical

Electrical: 3-phase 230 V (compatible with 208 V and 220 V)+ ground, 1-phase 230 V (compatible with 208 V and 220 V)+ neutral and ground

Shipping weight: 299 kg (659 lb)- 1335 kg (2943 lb), depending on model

Capacity: 10 trays 46×66 cm (18×26 inch) or depending on model

Steam: Yes

Temperature range: Max 270°C (518°F)

Even baking: Yes

Modularity: No

Air movement: Forced convection

Control panel: Touchscreen, digital panel, electromechanical depending on model

Maintenance: Low maintenance, easy to clean

Safety: Temperature cool handle

Customizable features:

  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection
  • Power boost option
  • Motorized extract canopy
  • Stainless steel stand
  • Data logger for USB connection

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