Bassanina Convection Oven FR MINI 8-10 trays

Ultimate Baking Production Even in the Smallest Spaces

Designed to squeeze to the smallest places, which still requires the best results. Versatile, modular and reliable for years.

Powerful backing deck equipped with highly efficient elements. Rockwool insulation guarantees absolutely zero temperature loss. Heating up by strong, armoured heating elements secures the right temperature, which circulates evenly in the baking deck and ensures the best result.  Thanks to the high-quality steam system, you will be allowed to bake various types of products.

True Baking Versatility: suitable for a large variety of bread and confectionery products. The rotating rack and balanced distribution of air and steam allow even and regular baking that provides excellent volume and spring. Delivers perfect steam distribution, even with continuous work cycles.

Designed to last a lifetime. Stainless steel construction ensures years of seamless usage. Double glass door for easy checking of the process. The stainless steel construction also ensures easy maintenance and is easy to clean.

Small spaces won't feel crowded again. FR Mini was designed for tiny spaces to maximalize the baking production.

Fit you Space Perfectly

Squeeze easily to the smallest places

Produce a Wide Variety of Products

Powerful heating elements and a unique steam system allow you to produce any baked goods

Continuous Work Cycle

Created and tested to be able to bake continuously. Get the best of it


Save time and deliver 100% consistency by pre-programming up to 99 of your recipes. Temperature, time, steam and steam duration

Fuel source: Electrical

Electrical: 3-phase 230 V (compatible with 208 V and 220 V)+ ground 60 Hz

Shipping weight: 309 kg (681 lb)- 384 kg (847 lb)

Capacity: 8 or 10 trays, depending on model

Steam: Yes

Temperature range: Max 300°C (572°F)

Even baking: Yes

Modularity: Yes

Air movement: Natural convection

Control panel: Electromechanical or digital panel

Maintenance: Low maintenance, easy to clean

Safety: Safety thermostat, emergency button, steam exhaust fan

Customizable features:

  • Can be equipped with proofer or come on stand

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Weekends: Closed

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