Belshaw Tabletop Frying Cut-N-Fry System

The Secret of Perfect Mini-donuts

Belshaw Cut-N-Fry is a frying system designed for mini donuts.

Cut-N-Fry consists of a Belshaw Tabletop  Donut Fryer 616B, N-type depositor, plunger, and cylinder. You must order a special kit to fry loukoumades or hushpuppies.

The fryer is well-designed and constructed from stainless steel, ensuring decades of use.  It is also easy to clean and maintain.

The heat is controlled by thermostat control. The fryer is also equipped with a high-temperature switch, which will shut off when the temperature reaches 230° C (450° F).

The system comes with accessories: a frying screen, a proofing screen, and Belshaw Extracting Shortening Filter-Flo Siphon.

Set it on your counter and watch it produce hundreds of mini-donuts

Uses Little Space

Cut-N-Fry is a tabletop great for smaller or busy spaces


The frying system comes with a bunch of accessories for easy work

35 dozens

Yes, that's right, you can make up to 35 dozens donut in an hour

Sturdy Constructions

Made from heavy-duty stainless steel

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