Belshaw Donut Glazer HG24EZ & HG24C

Waterfall of Glaze

This Belshaw Donut glazer is a bigger version of Belshaw Donut Glazer HG18EZ & HG18C. The main difference is the size of the glazing screen, which is 23″x 23″.

This Belshaw glazer will turn any donut into sugary flooding for anybody’s taste buds! This Belshaw glazer comes in two variants, HG24EZ and HG24C.

The main difference is between the glaze applicators. The applicator on HG24EZ is sliding on rails, which makes it easier for the operators. On the other hand, the HG24C applicator needs to be held in hand. The glazing applicator itself is a clamshell opening designed to control the glaze’s flow.

The glazer provides uniform glazing of up to three dozen donuts simultaneously.

The glazer is made from stainless steel, ensuring years of everyday use. The glazing screen is made from food-safe nickel-plated steel.

The glaze can be washed in a rack washer or with a hose and brush.

NSF Certification logo

Precise glazing with every use

Precise Glazing

The glazing applictaor is opening as a clamshell, so it's easy to control the glaze flow

Galzing Screen

Glazing screen of size 24"x 24" can fit three dozens of donuts

Zero Waste

The glazer has catching drain, and the glazing can be used again

Easy to Move

The device is equipped with four castors and two are lockable

Customizable feature:

  • HG18C Glazer- manually operated glazed machine
  • A drain tray can be placed on the left or right side

*The video shows the smaller model, but the system stays the same

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