Bellshaw Donut Fryer Electric Tabletop 616B

A compact tabletop fryer that will serve for years

Little tabletop fryer for cake or yeast-raised donuts. Durable constructions, which will last years.

The heat is controlled by thermostat control. The fryer is also equipped with a high-temperature switch, which will shut off the fryer when the temperature reaches 230° C (450° F).

The stainless steel drain tray doubles as a fryer cover and is exceptionally durable with stainless steel kettle, outer casing, and solid aluminum for the control panel. The drain tray can be latched onto the left or right side.

The system comes with accessories: a frying screen, a proofing screen, and Belshaw Extracting Shortening Filter-Flo Siphon.

Fryer 616B is not designed for mini-donuts. If you wanna go with mini-donuts, we recommend the Cut-N-Fry system. This system comprises a 616B Fryer, N-type depositor, plunger, and cylinder. With a special kit, you can also do hushpuppies and loukoumades.

Another solution for mini donuts is Belshaw Donut Robot® Mark II & Mark V, model Mark II GP or slightly bigger Mark V GP.

A rock-solid dependable fryer for donuts and other fried products, that occupies a bare minimum of space on a table or countertop.


Occupies a bare minimum of space on a table or countertop

High Hour Production

616B is able to produce 35 dozens donuts in a hour on its peak

All the Bells and Whistles

Fryer comes with two prooficng screens and two frying screens


Holds 16 standard size donuts, cake donuts or yeast-rasied donuts can easily do both

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