Bongard Resting Cabinet RP

Baker’s Work Made Easier

When the dough is slightly beaten after diving, there’s nothing better than let it sit and relax. That’s the time for pulling Bongard’s resting cabinet RP out!

Bongard RP is a high storage capacity cabinet created to let the dough rest after dividing and promoting gluten, helping with rising and easing moulding.

This resting cabinet has a small footprint and can be easily integrated into any bakery. The overall design is easy, straightforward and user-friendly.

The loading and unloading are done manually, and it’s comfortable, thanks to its optimal height. The resting cabinet allows you to choose felt or nylon mesh for resting carriers. They can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine.

The sturdy steel frame has an epoxy finish. The resting cabinet is furnished with castors, with easy movement and castors for safety. An Esmach molder FFBT divider can be placed on the top of the cabinet, simplifying the process and saving space. The cabinet has an extra plug on the top, so the molder can be plugged straight into the resting cabinet.

The cabinet is controlled by a few buttons, and it’s very intuitive.

Bongard resting cabinet creates irresistible taste and aroma

The Sound of Silent

Bongrad resting cabinet RP is quiet enough not interupt the conversation

Extra Plug

On the top of the resting cabinet is extra plug for the molder, which is space-saving

Small Footprint

PR resting cabinet is has a small footprint and easy, user-friendly design and yet spacious

Perfect Dough Enviroment

In closed cabinet remain constant aroma, which helps with aroma development and preventing crusting

Type: Intermediate proofer

Capacity: Depending on model and weight of the buns

Control panel: Electromechanical

Shipping weight: 286 kg (630 lb)- 355 kg (782 lb), depending on model

Maintenance: Designed for easy cleaning, can be washed in washing machine


Customizable features:

  • You can choose between nylon or mesh for carriers
  • Resting cabinets can come in five different models, the biggest one can hold up to 160 buns (1kg)
  • Optional hygiene kit includes UV lamp and blower

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