Pastry Production in Big

This equipment is the same as Canol Line but needs less space.

Canolino is designed to handle a wide range of doughs, including puff, yeast, Danish and croissant dough.

The Canoloino features an electric depositor which consistently deposits various products in spot, finger or continuous mode and is available with 4 to 6 outlets.

A mechanical guillotine quickly and easily cuts the dough to the correct width, and the user-friendly touchscreen controller can store a number of programs for future use.

Manufactured in hygienic stainless steel, each Canolino features lockable safety castors for maneuverability.

See PDF for for all makes and models with dimensions

Dough Sticking

That’s something what will never happen to you, because the Canolino has integrated flour duster

Variable Speed

The belt speed can be adjust to your needs

Wide Production

Canolino is designed to handle wide range of doughs, so you can produce sausge rolls, croissants or Danishes

Quick and Easy

Eventho this machine looks complicated, its very easy to use and control by touchscreen

Customizable features:

  • Available in two sizes and formats- Canolino 3.8 and Canolino 5.2

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