Cuppone Pizza Oven Michelangelo

The Ultimate Combination of Performance and Style

Michelangelo pizza deck oven is Cuppone’s flagship pizza oven, designed to look great in any location. Stainless steel construction with beautiful glass doors on each deck allowing your customers to see the delicious pizza baked inside.

This oven’s unbeatable performance makes it an excellent addition to your kitchen. With a max temperature of 450°C, a cordierite stone deck, heat recovery systems for high production moments, and electrically controlled steam evacuation, this electric deck oven allows you to produce quality thin-crust pizza in quick succession at all times in the day. The touch screen lets you control the power of each deck’s top and bottom heating elements.

If you’re looking for all the fine touches, this pizza deck oven goes above and beyond. You can program the oven to start up and turn off automatically for each day of the week, so the oven is ready for when you’re staff are ready to bake. Easy oven cleaning, end-of-cooking buzzer, programmable recipes for different pizza types and styles, compression springs on the door for smooth door opening and closing, & more.

Modular and capable of fitting through a standard-sized door.

 Intertek sanitation markETL electrical certified

Sleek and stylish design to elevate your kitchen

Great Stainless Steel Look & Design

The curved stainless steel facade will make this pizza oven an eye-catching element in your kitchen

High Quality Pizza Production

Max temp of 450°C, stone deck, heat recovery system, heat efficient engineering, and more

Full Touch Screen Control

Touch screen allows you to fully and intuitively customize startup sequences, recipe's, cleaning, and more. Digital control panel (with reduced features) also available

The Final Touches

Doors with compression systems, deck lighting, auto steam vent opening, curmb collecting chamber for easy cleaning & more

Fuel Source: Electricity (some models available in gas)

Electrical: 3-phase 208 V (compatible with 220 V)+ neutral

Shipping weight: 189 kg (416 lb)- 508 kg (1120 lb), depending on model

Baking surface: Cordierite stone

Baking Area0.52 m2 – 3.49 m2 depending on model and number of decks

Temperature Range: Max 450°C (842°F)

Even Baking: Yes

Air Movement: Natural convection

Control Panel: Touch screen or digital control panel

Modularity: Yes

Loader: Pizza peel

Maintenance: Low maintenance, easy to clean and has its own crumb-collecting chamber

Safety: Temperature cool handle, safety thermostat, cooling fan

Customizable features:

  • The oven can be supplied with a stand, with or without wheels
  • Can be equipped with an aesthetically designed canopy, with or without air extraction fan
  • Connect your oven to the cloud for remote programming/control / startup (touch screen only)

Still Browsing?

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