Cuppone Modular Electric Deck Oven Leonardo

Master of Italian Excellence

The Cuppone electric deck oven: Leonardo, is a flexible oven designed to bake anything from pizza to bread to pastries.

Flexible for kitchens tight on space. You can choose your configuration, number, and height of decks and stack them up to four decks high. Decks can be 18cm (7.08 inch) high or 25 cm (9.84 inch) high and you can mix and mingle heights as you see fit.

Stainless steel construction and precision manufacturing ensure years of continuous usage, and wide glass doors allow for easy viewing during baking (for your staff and customers). The doors are super sealed to retain heat while baking.

This modular deck oven can reach a maximum temperature of 450°C (842°F). The baking decks can be made from quality Codierite stone or metal plates. The inner steam vents are electronically adjustable.

Leonardo modular oven also has an eco-mode feature that can be used during quieter periods. This allows you to preserve and maintain temperature so that it can be ready when the workload comes, all while saving on energy (and greenhouse gas emissions).

It is equipped with a touchscreen control panel that lets you control the power of each deck’s top and bottom heating elements.

The steam injectors and the hood are optional. The steam injectors are necessary if you wanna bake bread or some pastries. 

 Intertek sanitation markETL electrical certified

Versatile, stackable deck oven for pizza, that can do BOTH Bread and Pizza (up to 450°C or 842°F)

Touchscreen Control

Touch screen allows you to fully and intuitively customize startup sequences, recipes, cleaning, and more. A digital control panel (with reduced features) also available

Modular and Customizable

Choose how many decks and what sizes fit your space. How much bread or pizza do you want to produce?

Energy Efficient

Eco-mode feature preserves and maintain temperature during quiet time while keeping your oven ready at a moments notice. Save on energy consumption and GHGs

The Final Touches

Doors with compression systems, deck lighting, auto steam vent opening, crumb collecting chamber for easy cleaning & more

Fuel Source: Electricity

Electrical: 3-phase 208 V (compatible with 220 V)+ neutral

Shipping weight: 193 kg (426 lb)- 287 kg (633 lb), depending on the model and the cooking surface, hood and stand are additional weight

Baking surface: Cordierite stone or metal plates

Baking Area: 0.672 m2– 5.52m2 depending on model and number of decks

Temperature Range: Max 450°C (842°F)

Even Baking: Yes

Air Movement: Natural convection

Control Panel: Touchscreen control panel

Modularity: Yes

Loader: Pizza or oven peel

Maintenance: Low maintenance and easy oven cleaning features, pyrolysis function

Safety: Temperature cool handle, safety thermostat, cooling fan

Customizable features:

  • Optional steam injectors
  • Optional hood
  • Optional stand or stand with tray holder


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