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EM Bakery Exclusive Esmach Spiral Mixer 30kg to 200kg

EM Bakery’s Best-Selling Mixers

Distributed exclusively by EM Bakery, this line offers affordable Italian luxury and quality. These mixers can process all kinds of dough for bakeries, pizzerias, and confectionery products. They have a high degree of structural strength and safety features. Versatile and reliable and extremely easy for staff to use.

The optimum balance between the bowl rotation and the spiral arm enables the ideal flow for kneading and is soft and gentle on the dough. A perfectly shaped arm rotates along the sides of the bowl, and the accurate proportions of the machine create an even, soft, and distinguished dough, even when small amounts are used. These mixers can produce exceptional results, even with small amounts of dough (10-100% of the total bowl capacity).

These mixers deliver controlled stretches and strains, resulting in continuous and consistent handling. This significantly reduces processing time and avoids raising the dough’s temperature needlessly while maintaining hydration.

Comes with three wheels and adjustable levelling pads to ensure stability even on uneven floors. Super handy when moving the machine.

Mixers can be used in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic modes.

Comes with the following max bowl sizes: 30kg, 45kg, 60kg, 80kg, 100kg, 130kg, 160kg, & 200kg


BISSC sanitation certification ETL electrical certified

Long-lasting, low maintenance work-horses for the serious baker

Create Your Own Programs

Create up to 9 programs to automate your recipes. Control bowl rotation, jog, mixer speed, and timers. And exclusively with EM bakery models, these come with backup manual controls

Fool-proof for your Staff

Easy and safe for your staff to use

Make Your Best Dough

The dough is perfectly hydrated and never overheated. Delivers continuous and consistent handling

High Quality at an Affordable Price

Decades of Canadian & Italian engineering, manufacturing, and baking experience poured into one machine

Type: Spiral mixer, dough mixer, bread mixer, bakery mixer, pizza mixer

Electrical: 3-phase 208V (compatible with 220V) 1.5- 8.2 kW depending on model

Minimum capacity: 30kg (66lb) of dough

Maximum capacity: 200kg (441lb) of dough

Bowl type: Fixed bowl

Shipping weight: 255kg (562lb)- 740kg (1631lb) depending on the model

Maintenance: Easy to clean, just wipe down

Safety: Safety guard, emergency stop and safety grid

Customizable features:

  • Clear lid cover: top cover,  “LID”, is closed and transparent, while the lower cover, “GRID”, is in stainless steel.  After the first two minutes of kneading, the upper LID can be opened
  • Water dispenser directly on the bowl with water volume measurement markings, mixer manual temperature, and temperature shown on the display
  • Temperature sensor (infrared) with relevant screen display and an option to stop the working process
  • An Immersion temperature detector with an external sensor
  • Stainless Steel Version
  • Upgraded Version for lower hydration dough (ex: Dumpling)

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Weekends: Closed

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