Esmach Bowl Elevator-Tipper: ESR Models

An Industrial Workhorse

The Esmach Bowl Elevator-Tipper model ESR is designed for heavy industrial use.

This machine transfers the dough from the removal bowls on the Esmach Spiral Mixers onto a workbench, into a hopper for a volumetric divider, or to feed automatic production lines.

The removable bowls sit on a trolley with wheels, and once they are removed from the spiral mixer, they are rolled up to this elevator tipper and attached.

The Esmach ESR model elevators come in two versions – totalling five models – which differ due to their elevator-tipper system, unloading heights and safety devices.

Features Designed for Serious Production Facilities

Safety First

Operators must push two buttons and hold them to run the machine, keeping staff free from moving parts

Custom Dough Chute

Stainless steel dough chute to ease transfer from the bowls

Speed up Production

Eliminate the removal of dough by hand. Fits seamlessly into your production workflow


Designed to work with multiple Esmach Removable Bowls models and sizes

Maximum lift height: 3.1 m (10.1 ft)

Electrical: 3-phase 220 V (compatible with 208 V) 60 Hz

Shipping weight: 340 kg (750 lb)- 370 kg (815 lb)

Compatible mixers: Compactible with Esmach mixers: LARGE Esmach Removable Bowl Spiral Mixer 160 to 300kg 

Compatible bowl size: 160 kg (352 lb)- 300 kg (661 lb)

Dropping height: 2.74 m (8.99 ft)- 3.7 m (11.05 ft)

Setup options: Set up for tipping on the table, set up for tipping into a hopper

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