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LARGE Esmach Removable Bowl Spiral Mixer: 160 to 300kg

When Production is Paramount

Exclusively distributed by EM Bakery, these large removable bowl spiral mixers offer maximum flexibility for your high production facility.

The removable bowl enables maximum flexibility on your production line and ensures the mixer can be used at all times. Simply remove the bowl and replace it with another one, while the mixed dough can cure in the bowl, or the bowl can be lifted with an elevator to a dough divider.

These mixers provide a real guarantee of a quality product: dough is continuously and consistently handled, enabling homogeneous, smooth mixtures to be obtained.

Designed to work with even small quantities of dough in the same bowl at as little as 5-10% of total bowl capacity.

Esmach removable bowl mixer

Maximum Produciton Flexibility

The splashing areas, covered with a stainless steel protection

Highly Practical Ergonomics

Wheels, handle, and hooking mechanism are designed to easily move the bowl on any floor surface

Highly Programmable

Comes with up to 99 programmable recipes, each with up to 35 stages

Safety First

Bowl rests on a highly efficient electro-mechanical braking system to ensure the mixer stops if the bowl is moved

Type: Spiral mixer, dough mixer, bread mixer, bakery mixer, pizza mixer

Minimum capacity: 8kg (17lb) of dough

Maximum capacity: 300kg (661lb) of dough

Bowl type: Removable bowl

Shipping weight: 1245kg (606lb)- 2824kg (6264lb) depending on the model

Electrical: 3-phase+ Ground 208V

Maintenance: Wipe down, easy to clean, easily rolls on wheels to sweep underneath

Safety: Safety guard/safety button and safety grid.

Customizable features:

These mixers can be combined with an Esmach hydraulic bowl elevator to unload the dough onto a table or into a dividing hopper

Can be ordered in the following sizes: 160kg, 200kg, 250kg, and 300kg

Removable Bown Mixer - bowl removing

Additional Features

Choose between two LCD Control Models

  • Fully Programmable (Default): LTD Control panel stores up to 99 recipes. Each recipe is programmed only once. Automate mixing speed & more. Use an audible sound to signal a baker near the end of the work cycle
  • Simplicity First (Model E): Digital LCD that can store up to 9 recipes. A much simpler user interface for staff. Great for facilities with only a few recipes.

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