Hoba Bagloader Holly HBS

Put the Bread in the Bag

Bagloader from Hoba is a fully automatic packing machine. It’s able to pack sliced and unsliced bread.

Quality and smart design, which ensures years of smooth use. Made from stainless steel and constructed for easy maintenance and cleaning. Depending on the size of the product, HBS can bag up to 3600 loaves per hour.

This bag loader can be used separately and as part of an automated line.  Can be constructed for a left- or right-hand person.

If you are looking for an efficient way how to close the bags, check out our Kwik Look Bag Closing Machine.

Optional Features

Depending on product, this machine can bag up to 3600 loaves


This bagloader can be easily combine with slicer

Bag Anything

Bagloader HBS doesnt have problem with bagging sliced and unsliced bread

Closing Time

Any type og bag closing equipment can be mounted on this bagloader

Customizable features:

  • “Automatic” bag changing system for non-stop production
  • Infeed system for sliced bread
  • Special customized infeed system for buns/rolls
  • Infeed conveyor for manual loading of unsliced products
  • Splitting and turning system for half loaves
  • Integrated clip closing head in Bagloader

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