Hoba Bandblade Slicer HSA-5

Automated Slicer for any Type of Bread

Fully automatic slicer from Hoba for different types of bread to use in a semi or fully-automatic line.

This Hoba slice is a smaller version of the Hoba Bandblade Slicer HSA-2.

Continuously rotating band blades are cutting identical slices with every cut. The blades are from hardened steel.

Generously proportioned doors and covers give good access for cleaning, maintenance, and a quick change of the band blades. The machine can be constructed for either left- or right-handed operation.

It’s very easy to connect to Hobo Bagloader HBS. A great asset to automated operation is also Kwik Log Bag Closer.

Effective enough for semi-automatic use, but also easy to connect with every type of packaging machine such as the Bagloader HBS with the synchronization system.

Unbeatable Production

HSA-5 is able to slice up to 2000 pieces per hour

Any Type of Bread

This slicer is able to dela with any type of bread

Fully Automatic

Can be used separately or can be integrated into automatic system

Sturdy Constructions

Solid stainless steel constructions, which will last for a lifetime

Customizable features:

  • Top belt to control free baked and round bread
  • Oil spray system for products with high rye content
  • Hone installation to re-sharpen the band blades
  • Synchronization system for a fully automatic line
  • Splitter for half loafs
  • The wide version is available for products up to 470 mm in length
  • Automatically adjustable slice thickness system with touchscreen
  • The modular outfeed belt for free baked and round bread

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