Hoba Bun Slicer HSC

Configurable Slicer with Focus on Safety

Hoba Bun Slicer HSC is more advanced than Hoba Bun Slicer HSC-BL. It shares the same features, the main difference is the possibility of adjusting the depth and height of cuts.

Fully automatic Bun Slicer with disc for hinge slicing of buns and rolls. It is possible to slice from the side or the top.

The machine is completely constructed to the client’s requirements from a basic design, and many variations can therefore be delivered.

It is very easy to clean and designed for easy maintenance and cleaning and focusing on safety.

Effective enough for semi-automatic use but due to its design easy to install in any automatic system

Highly Productive

HSC is able to slice up to 5000 pieces per hour


The slice depth and height can be adjusted

Fully Automatic

Can be used separately or can be integrated into automatic system

Sturdy Constructions

Solid stainless steel constructions, which will last for a lifetime

Customizable features:

  • Top belt to control individual product (not batched)
  • Top and bottom conveyor belts with adjustable speed by inverter
  • Vertical slicing is ideal for hot dog buns and subs
  • Slicing in 1 or 2 rows
  • Complete Stainless steel version for hygiene
  • Product counting system to aid packing

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