Bassanina Integrated Deck Oven Loader

The Easiest Oven Loading

No more time-consuming oven loading and unloading. Say goodbye to back pain and welcome precious help, which will bring an integrated loader.

The loader is moving vertically and horizontally on the mounted frame. Moving the lift up, down and to the sides is easy and balanced, thanks to its smart construction and cleverly engineered chains and counterbalances. Every move is secured with a locking system.

When the loader is not in use, lift it, and you can walk underneath it.

The loader can come in various sizes to meet your requirements and oven needs.

Thanks to speed loading and unloading, the loader decreases heat loss compared to hand loaders or peels.

This deck loader is designed to be paired with Bassanina deck ovens.

Increase productivity and decrease the chance of burning

Lift Construction

The loader is constructed on the lift, and moving it up and down is super easy

Utilize Space

Thanks to its lift construction, you can push it up and walk under it

No More Back Pain

This loader will ease your everyday life and keep the back pain away

One Person

Yes, one person is enough to operate with this loader

Weekdays: 8:30 - 5:00 PST

Weekends: Closed

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