Bassanina Baking art
Bassanina factory building

Italian company Bassanina baking art produces one of the

best ovens on the market. With thought on innovations, sustainability and

continuous production. Bassanina is known worldwide, thanks to its unbeatable ovens' performance, combining simplicity and with high standards.

Combination of Italian design, durability, innovation and

long-life service. This is what Bassanina represents in the world of

professional bakers and pastry chefs. During a 40-year-long journey, Bassanina has proved that they are one of the most important in the field of baking art.

Bassanina ovens are synonyms for durability, efficiency and

effectiveness. The future is as bright as the present, aspiring to the

unstoppable pursuit of innovations and excellent performances.

Bassanina keep boasting excellence and quality thanks to using high-quality materials, skilled staff and listening to customers' needs.

Bassanina Electric Deck Oven ECOPOWER
Bassanina Steam Pipes Electric Deck Oven FEP
Hand Loader for Deck Oven
Bassanina Single Rack Oven Baby 12 trays
Bassanina Integrated Deck Oven Loader
Bassanina Single Rack Oven FR Compact
Bassanina FR Baby 50x70
FR BABY 50 X 70
Bassanina Convection Oven FR MINI 8-10 trays
Bassanina Steam Pipes Deck Oven ZOOM
Bassanina Double Rack Oven Roller89 Cyclope
Bassanina Steam Pipes Deck Oven TUBIX
Bassanina Single Rack Oven Rotor57 Cyclope

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