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JAC Slicer Picomatic One

Don’t Risk your Fingers, Slice it Like a Pro

JAC Picomatic One slicer is an ergonomic tabletop slicer. Its compact size makes it a great addition to existing space.

Loading is held on the front side. In addition, the slicer is equipped with a tray for easy packing of the bread and crumb collector.

It has a unique feature, patented by JAC, Intelligent Slicing Control. Automatic pressure and slicing speed control system, adapting cutting according to bread consistency.

Made from stainless steel, the blades are from steel. Can be ordered with a stand with castors.

ETL electrical certified

An automatic tabletop slicer par excellence,

Zero Space Requiurments

Thanks to its compact size, the slicer can sit on a bench or a base

Removable Crumb Collector

Help you keep the place clean as it catches all crumbs before they land on the floor

JAC Side Flaps

It is equipped with flaps for easier handling of sliced bread

Handling Long Loads

Can slice loaves up to 43 cm

Electrical: 1-phase 115V

Hourly Production: 200-500 loaves/hour depending on model

Shipping Weight: 139kg (306lb)- 149kg (328lb) depending on model

Safety: Safety switch

Maintenance: Easy to clean by brush, damp and dry cloth

Customizable features:

  • AutoMode- Automatic and touchless start and stop. For optimum time management and hygiene. Increased accessibility while maintaining maximum safety level. Maximum output with fewer operations. Patented by JAC.
  • Can be equipped with a stand and castors.
  • Front safety cover
  • Automated start

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Weekends: Closed

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