LVO Front Load Pan Pressure Wash FL10 and FL14

Clean and shiny pots & pans every day

Heavy-duty pot and pan washer, model FL10 and FL14. With easy front-loading.

Both models, FL10 and FL14, use brass wash hubs and two rotating stainless steel spray arms. These blast away all the dirt from the pans. Follows with hot water sanitizing rinse for a thorough wash.

FL10 can wash up to 100 pans in an hour. FL14 is slightly more advanced and can wash up to 140 pans, and the process is fully automatic.

Construction of both is thorough stainless steel.

ETL electrical certifiedNSF Certification logo

Powerful, durable delivering high-pressure wash with sanitizing rinse

Utility Racks

Comes with three accessories made for day-to-day use

Superb Venting

Removes steam from your washer quickly and efficiently

Front Load

Easy to load and operate with utensils thanks to front load

Adjustable Times

Wash, delay and rinse time can be adjusted

Electrical: 3-phase 208 V (compatible with 220 V)

Washing capacity: 100 pans per hour, 140 pans per hour, depending on model

Maintenance: easy to clean, has a free hub system

Customizable features:

  • A special rack can be built upon request


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