Sinmag Europe Fermented Bread Dough Divider Manotrad

Artisan Dough Divider

Manual divider and moulder Manotrad designed for cutting the dough into same-size pieces without air loss while keeping artisan quality.

The cutting grids are made from stainless steel or food-safe plastic and are easily changeable on slides. The grids can be vertical, square or hexagonal shaped.

The top of the Manotrad is magnetic, and the flour bin is equipped with magnets, so you can put the bin with flour without being afraid of falling.

Because Manotrad is fully manual, the divider has zero electrical requirements. The pressing is done by the lever on the top.

Manotrad is usually supplied with one stainless steel grid, one plastic grille single division, one box, two silicone mats and one flour bin.

Manotrad has a cutting capacity of 5-6 kg.

If you think this is an awesome piece but want to go more automated, we highly recommend looking at Bongard Paneotrad EvO.

Big Storage Space

On the stand under the Maneotrad is storage for four grids

Easy to Move

On the back legs are mounted wheels for ease moving

Keep The Fluffiness

During the cutting, the dough is not pressed. Thus the dough won't loose any air

Easy to Change

Changing the cutting grids is super easy, as you can easily slide it

Customizable features:

  • Manotrad can be ordered with a bunch of accessories: plastic grid single division, plastic grid double division, stainless steel grid, distribution tray, flour tray, silicone mat, pressure plate and rack with 14 bin lids

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