Sheeter Accessory- Manual Spray SPRAYMIX

Fast and Accurate Spraying

Spraymix is a manual, compact spraying machine ideal for various products. Therefore, it’s a great asset for both small and large bakeries. The Spraymix can be used for spraying baked goods as well as trays and moulds.

A storage kettle is no longer needed to mess with jars and bottles, so the chances of spilling or losing product are nearly zero. Insert the suction hose into the container with the wanted spray, and you are all set!

This way is also hygienic, keeping the container cleaner and lowering cleaning requirements. You can spray water, milk, oil, pan grease, bun wash or egg wash.

The body is stainless steel, and the hoses are made from safe-food plastic. The size is very compact and doesn’t take up much space.

The air and liquid pressure settings are done separately by two buttons on the top of the machine. The configuration is then shown on two dials next to the buttons.

Milk, oil, water, emulsion, egg wash. Basically, anything you can think off

Pinpoint Coverage

The overspray and mist are minimized to a minimum thanks to the precise spraying gun


The suction is straight from the container, which means no mess, spilling or product loss

Sprays it All

Spraymix can be used for spraying egg wash, different emulsions, oil or water, and more


Thanks to great features are, the cleaning process short

Customizable features:

  • The Spraymix can be supplied with a compressor, in case you don’t have your own
  • A trolley is also available for easy moving

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