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Mono Omega Depositor

MONO Equipment is the longest established confectionery depositor manufacturer in the world.  This proud history boasts a long line of depositing machines from the original MK V, produced in the 1960s, to the state-of-the-art Omega Touch, Omega Plus and Omega Plus with Wirecut machines available today.

The Omega depositors are amongst the most versatile and compact machines on the market with an established reputation for the exceptional efficiency, accuracy and consistency of their depositing.  The Omega Plus is identical to the Omega Touch but incorporates an enhanced motor which makes it suitable to use with a wider range of mixes.  Ideal for bakers, confectioners, caterers and hoteliers who need a competitive edge, the Omega depositors are designed to produce an almost endless array of high quality products by replicating the traditional time-consuming hand movements of the master confectioner – effortlessly – with speed and reliability.

The Omega Plus with Wirecut also incorporates an innovative finger frame mechanism which makes clean and accurate cuts through hard dough to produce the most delightful cookies and biscuits – even with suspended ingredients.  The Omega Plus is available in three sizes to fit tray sizes up to 400mm, 450mm and 600mm while the Omega Touch and Omega Plus with Wirecut are available in 400mm and 450mm tray sizes.

Most versatile and compact machines on the market

User Friendly

Large colour touch screen with picture programming

Plug & Play

Means immediate productivity

Small footprint

Which fits in most environments

Easy Cleaning

Engineered in hygienic stainless steel

Superb Features:
— Single phase ‘Plug-&-Play’ means immediate productivity
— Exceptional accuracy of product weight, size and shape
— Quick and simple product, hopper and template change over increases productivity
— Trays removable from either side for true flexibility
— Locking safety castors for effortless positioning and genuine stability
— Extensive range of hoppers, templates, nozzles and accessories available

10 Important Facts:
— Produces up to 35 deposits per cycle
— Up to 80mm automated vertical travel ideal for producing tall products
— Provides total control of product weight, size, height, length and shape
— Touch Screen incorporates 16 international languages
— Stores a total of 650 programmes
— Deposits on forward and reverse movements
— Deposits on upward and downward movements
— Deposits in a clockwise and anti–clockwise direction with Rotary Template
— Creates complex and multiple-layered products
— Three sizes available to fit up to 400mm, 450mm and 600mm* wide trays

Innovative Touch Screen Controller
The user-friendly Colour Touch-Screen makes even the most complex products simple to program and easy to run, so that anyone can be creating the most stunning confectionery within minutes – with minimum training.  New programs can be created with exceptional ease and stored in the controller’s memory –  which stores up to 650 unique products – while existing programs can also be easily changed or temporarily altered for a one-off session.  Every element of the product’s character can be designed on-screen using the colourful, icon-driven menus; the product’s size, height, shape and volume, along with the depositing speed, can all be defined separately to create almost endless possibilities. A graphical representation of the finished product along with its dimensions can then be stored for future use.

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