Tekno Stamap Industrial Pastry Make Up Line

For Every Shape Product

Croissant and more Make Up Line designed in Tekno Stamap. This line allows the production of filled croissants in large quantities, as the line has a filling unit.

The Make Up Line is very straightforward and easy to use with a touchscreen.

Quickly transfer the previously rolled dough and let the magic happen. First, the dough is cut and slightly moist to be ready for filling. The pastry is then moved to a folding unit and to an electric or pneumatic guillotine to cut the trims. In the end, the cuts are collected, and as the last step, the pastry is collected onto pans on the panning unit.

The majority of construction is made from stainless steel. The rest, like belts and rollers, are made from non-stick, food-safe materials. 

Quality production packed in stainless steel

Wide Range of Product Shapes

The line is equipped with two cutting devices, so you can cut any shape you dream of

Fully Automatic

All you need to do is set the programs and bring the dough

Sturdy Constructions

Stainless steel knives and frame & food-safe plastic belt

Cutting Device

The second cutting system can be placed anywhere on the table to reach the desired shape

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