Tekno Stamap Pastry Tables T Series

Continous Workflow for Everybody

Tekno Stamap created the Table T series to speed up your pastry production. From pain au chocolate, plain croissants or mini strudels.

The Table T series is equipped with a cutting station with roller side tables to lay the trays during the process. As an option, it can be equipped with an input calibrator, which allows maximum dough thickness precision and standardizes each piece’s weight.

The Table T series is controlled by two sets of buttons, one on each side and a castor with breaks for easy moving.

The majority of construction is made from stainless steel. The rest, like belts and rollers, are made from non-stick, food-safe materials. 

Speed-up and maximize your production with Table T customization

Puff Pastry Product

Ideal for pain au chocolat, all-kind-of-fillings turnover, almond croissants, strudels and more

Ultimate Customization

Based on your needs, you can add any component to the table to get maximum efficiency

Calibrator Input

With this optional feature, every piece will be exactly the same as the one before

Sturdy Constructions

Stainless steel knives and frame & food-safe plastic belt

Customizable features:

  • Input calibrator – for maximum precision of the sheet thickness
  • Comes in four different models- T/2000, T/3000, T/4000, T/5000– difference is the length of the table

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