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Trima BA Bread Roll Feeder

Products unrecognizable from hand-made

The universal bread roll feeder for small and medium-sized bakeries.

The BA bread roll feeder is a flexible and fully-programmable feeder in a compact size with which the individual feeding profiles can be selected. A continuous depositing belt enables even depositing of the products, whereby the number of rows in a line can be set via the program.

It can be easily combined with Trima Automatic Panning Unit Line BA and Trima Automatic Bun Divider Rounder: K2/PRIMA DUO 2 lines.

Thorough stainless steel construction ensures a long working life and is hygienic and safe to work with food.

One person is enough to operate it because it’s equipped with a user-friendly touchscreen for complete control. It’s easy to set up and fully programmable.

Trima bread roll feeder

The universal bread roll feeder for small and medium-sized bakeries

Easy Handling

Flexible and freely-programmable feeder

Produce It All

Can do it all: Round, long, medium-sized, folded, flat-pressed, hamburger bun, hot dog buns

Combine as You Need

BA Bread Roller is designed to work separately or with other TRIMA equipment

Fits Everywhere

Universal bread roll feeder for small and medium-sized bakeries

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