Trima Automatic Panning Unit Line BA

Production Line System for Small or Medium Bakeries

TRIMA panning line is a fully automatized machine for positioning dough on trays for easy transfer to the oven from the divider rounder straight upon the trays.

Designed as a last step of the TRIMA automatized line. Automatically positioning the products on baking trays, guaranteeing precious positions.

In combination with TRIMA Automatic Bun Divider K2 Prima Duo or Trima Automatic Bun Divider KE Prima Evo is fully programmable.

Can be fed with 4, 5, or 6 belts from the divider, and it’s easy to change it. Hourly output is between 4000- 7000 pieces, depending on the number of feeding rows.

Stainless steel design for easy cleaning and long-life operating. The machine is equipped with wheels with safety breaks.

Accurate placing on trays & easy to operate and fully programmable


The panning machine is equipped with a touch panel and allows you to set and save depositing programs

Producing Uniformity

Can handle any type of dough, sticky, cool or proven. Nothing is a problem

High Volume

Can position up to 7000 pieces on a tray in an hour

One-man Operation

Simply and easy to operate with & designed for easy cleaning

Maximum capacity: Up to 7000 pieces per hour, depending on feeding

Maintenance: Easy on maintenance

Control panels: Yes

Programs: Yes, can save programs

Safety: Special Trima lasers, panel lasers, and more to ensure operator safety

Customizable features:

  • Can come in 4 different variants: BA– standard panning unit, BA-LR with height adjustable pressing board, BA3-LR with intermediate 3 minutes proofer, BA6-LR with intermediate 6 minutes proofer
  • Available in different lengths, depending on different depositing lengths

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