Vitella Manual Dough Divider Rounder

Say Hello to the Charm of a Classic Rounding

The manual bun rounding divider is the simplest from Vitella rounding diving machines.

Will leave all the adjusting and manual work on your shoulder, but the result will be as great as from the automatized versions. Adjusting the shaping chamber is manually set on the top of the machine. Pressing and knife releasing are done manually, as well as the rounding by the lever on the side.

Constructions and knives are made of stainless steel, guaranteeing a long life cycle. The basins are aluminum, with anticorrosive surface treatment. The machine is equipped with wheels for easy manipulation and stabilizing legs for safe anchoring.

Maintenance of this machine is very easy as the divider rounder contains a button for knife cleaning.

The machine is shipped with three food-safe plates.

A great asset with creating buns similar like peas in a pod

Designed to Perfection

Uses an oscillating plate to shape each piece of dough into a bun of the perfect weight

Makes No Differences Feature

Easily process different kindS of dough

Easy to Take Care of

The machine has a button for cleaning the knives and easy-to-clean components

Sturdy constructions

Stainless stell & aluminum with surface treatment ensure long work life

Electrical: 3-phase 220 V

Total Power: 0.55 kW

Shipping Weight: 214 kg (472 lb)

Number of Divisions: 11-52, depending on model

Weight Range:  0.18-0.5 kg, depending on model

Programs: Save up to 10 programs

Production Range: 1300-6200 per hour, depending on model

Maintenance: Recommended periodic cleaning inside and outside

Safety: Emergency button, latch handle

Does this one seem like too much work?

Then Vitella semi-automatic divider rounder can be just the right one. But if you feel like getting yourself bells & whistles, then Vitella automatic divider rounder is the right choice!



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