Belshaw Cake Donut Depositor Type B- Wall or Fryer Mounted

Preciseness and smoothness

Belshaw Cake Donut Depositor Type B is designed to create tasty cake donuts. It can be mounted on a wall or on a column attached to the fryer.

It’s adjustable so that you can adjust the amount of batter for each deposit.

The plunger and hopper can be easily removed for cleaning. Hopper has a 6.8kg capacity.

Thanks to sturdy construction, the depositor will last for years. The frame and hopper are made from aluminum. Cams are made from hardened steel, and the arm and bushing are made from bronze trip.

This depositor can go with a lot of accessories from the Belshaw catalogue. Different plungers and cylinders can create different shapes of donuts, which greatly expands the possibility of donut production.

Type B ensures precision, every donut a perfect shape and weight

Identical Products

The precise design allows the production of identical shape and weight donuts

Smooth Run

Depositor can make up to 80 donuts per minute


Can be used with a variety of cylinders and plunges to create different shapes


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