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Serving bakeries worldwide with donut and bakery equipment for 98 years.

Belshaw Donut Robot® Mark II & Mark V
Belshaw Tabletop Frying Cut-N-Fry System
Belshaw Complete Donut Frying System
Bellshaw Donut Fryer Electric Tabletop 616B
Belshaw Donut Fryer Electric Floor Model 618L & 624
Belshaw Donut Fryer Gas Floor Model 718LCG, 724CG & 734CG
Belshaw Donut Glazer HG24EZ & HG24C
Belshaw Donut Glazer HG18EZ & HG18C
Belshaw Semi-automatic Shortening Filter and Melter EZMELT18 &24 &34
Belshaw Cake Donut Depositor Type B- Wall or Fryer Mounted
Belshaw Handheld Donut Depositor Type K
Belshaw Manual Shortening Handheld Filter-Flo Siphon
Belshaw Donut System Ventless Insider

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