Belshaw Donut System Ventless Insider

The Sweet Dreams Booth

Insider is a refined system on both sides- inside and outside. Outside, playful and fun custom design. Inside is a sophisticated frying system with multiple air filters

The Belshaw Insider comes with a Clean-air Cabinet, Belshaw Donut Robot® Mark II & Mark V and a Roto-Cooler.

Air recycling system, with fan-assisted grease, electronic, and odour filters. A safety interlock system will ensure the ventilation is active

The Donut Robot® depends on your desired size of the donuts. Mark II and Mark V for full-size donuts, or the GP version for mini donuts.

The filtering system for Insider is optional and has to be purchased separately. But we recommend getting one. Belshaw Shortening Melter-Filter EZMELT18 & 24 & 34 would be the best choice, but Belshaw Extracting Shortening Filter-Flo Siphon is a good alternative.  Purchasing a feeding table is also necessary if you want raised donuts.

The booth has a big storage space with a door at the rear. Insider is fully mobile. That means you can take it everywhere with you!

Don(u)'t worry about the smell, Insider got you covered

No Ventilation

Yes, that is true. The Insider is designed to keep all smells inside

All-in-One Package

The Insider includes everything that is necessary for frying delicious donuts

Fun in all Aspects

Not only can you fully customize the look, but also the frying itself will be fun to watch for passers-by

Whatever Size You Want

You want to go with mini-donuts or standard size? Choose the robot which fits your needs

Customizable features:

  • Filtering system, EZMELT or Filter-Flo Siphon
  • Feed Table for raised donuts, with trays and cloth
  • Mini Donut Kit
  • Kit for mochi donuts and ball donuts

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